How I keep myself Happy and Healthy

Hello, my name is Tania and this is how I keep what I call my HOLY TRINITY (mind, body and spirit) happy, healthy and harmonious. I am not a doctor nor am I trying to sell or advertise anything, and as always I suggest that you do your own research and come to your own conclusions. I am just a lady who wanted to share with you the simple, affordable and all natural things I do daily to keep my Self happy, healthy and dis-ease free. ♡ This is literally how I Wash My Brain from the constant bombardment of conditioning, programming and poisoning that takes place in today's modern society. Every being on this planet has the right to live to their full potential and most of us have no idea how GOOD the human body is designed to feel and operate. These easy and super fun things have quite literally changed my life in miraculous ways and help to keep me being the best me I can be.

To keep my temple in shape, my daily dose of exercise comes in the form of what I call Tania-Chi 😛 which is comprised of doing the things I Love the most - dancing, drumming and a fusion of martial arts. (In a separate post I will go into detail on the martial arts I practice and Love.)

Meditating and Nature, preferably together, are essential for me as well. Even just quieting my mind for a few minutes and sitting in complete nowness does me so much good. And nothing beats having fun and exploring Nature; whether it is a walk, a hike, a bike ride or even just laying on the ground while the sun warms my being.. Mommy always takes good care of me and nurtures my spirit.

My Daily Dozen.. these are the 12 simple things I consume every single day and can't live without. As my family and friends can attest, these things have quite literally changed my life. Each of these items has MANY health benefits and are inexpensive. Again, I am no expert, but I have done these things for over 4 years now and highly recommend them from my own personal experience.

Bobs Baking SodaBAKING SODA (sodium bicarbonate) - I drink it to keep my body alkaline, I use it in my bath, to clean my mouth after oil pulling, for various household cleaning and in the litter box for my super sweet kitty. The benefits and uses of baking soda are so vast.. it's even used to cure cancer! See more info HERE


mppMICRO PLANT POWDER - I take this for detoxing, iodine, pro-biotics, healthy hair, nails and skin, stimulating metabolism, increasing energy levels, female health and for the silica and trace minerals.. but it has many other benefits too HERE



Vitamin_SpillVITAMIN D3 - Hello sunshine! Taking this is how I keep from getting sick, D3 is a hormone-like substance that we get from the sun that keeps us healthy, happy and is a great defense against depression. It provides many other amazing benefits as well HERE


Bragg-Organic-Apple-CIder-VinegarAPPLE CIDER VINEGAR - Raw and Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar is great for a pick-me-up, I drink a shot glass of this before dancing and working out to give me a boost. It helps promote a healthy immune system, regulates the pH of my skin and I also use it to make my hair shiny, but it has a ton of other benefits too HERE 


honeyRAW HONEY - Raw Unfiltered, Unpasteurized, Organic Honey - this is sooo YUM! I use as my sweetener instead of sugar or just by the spoonful mmm when I crave something sweet. Honey is antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal, and antibacterial -- and it never spoils! It's great for skin rashes, burns and abrasions. I've also used it directly on very bad burns and it heals them miraculously with no blister or scar! Honey is another wonder food that has many benefits and uses HERE


cocoCOCONUT OIL - Organic Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil - I use this all over my body, it leaves your skin so soft and it has antimicrobial properties. I also use it on my hair, for a toothpaste, as a sunblock, for cooking and for oil pulling too. It also has a ton of other various benefits and uses HERE


bowl-of-epsom-salt-with-scoopMAGNESIUM - I started taking magnesium for good heart health and to to ensure protection from diseases such as osteoporosis and hypertension. This miracle mineral performs so many functions in the healthy human system, see more info and the many other wonderful benefits HERE


healthy-body-now3CHLORELLA AND SPIRULINA - Raw Organic Chlorella and Spirulina - mmm seaweed and algae! I take a handful of both daily for ALL the MANY benefits of these amazing super-foods: Chlorella and Spirulina


imagesOIL PULLING - I started doing this when I had an infected tooth and couldn't afford a dentist. I also do it to help cleanse my body of toxins. Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurveda process that has so many health benefits. I prefer using Organic Expeller Pressed Sesame Oil or Coconut Oil and alternate between the two. See more info HERE


hemp_seed_oilHEMP SEED OIL - Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil - I take this daily for my omegas and for super healthy hair and skin. After a bunch of research I found hemp seed oil to be the best source and ratio of omegas over both fish oil and flax seed oil. It has other benefits too. See more info HERE


indexDRY SKIN BRUSHING - I started doing this for the benefits of stimulating my lymphatic system and increasing circulation, but I quickly discovered how AMAZING it is also for your skin! This will eliminate cellulite.. yes, really! And you won't need to use much, if any, moisturizer anymore either. I will make a separate blog post on how to do this HERE


70g_colostrum copyCOLOSTRUM - This is my fountain of youth ʘ‿ʘ this item is packed with so many benefits. It's very important you get it from a reliable source, and after a lot of research I will only buy it from one company: HERE


and one more to make a baker's dozen 😛


l_g5-1008 copyGREEN SUPER-FOODS - Raw organic greens are super beneficial especially if you don't eat your daily does of greens or simply can't afford too, then drinking them is easy and cost effective. There are many brands out there, but Amazing Grass Organic Green SuperFoods (the chocolate version) is the best tasting raw greens I've ever had and is LOADED with so much goodness. I also Love this one because you can mix it with just water. HERE


I mix all the above with as much CREATING as I can squeeze into one day (for me, making art is a super-food for my soul.) And of course never underestimate the power of laughing and singing! Both are instant mood elevators and de-stressors.

I eat a very balanced organic diet and drink LOTS of natural spring water and also Love green teas. I eat foods that my body likes and stay clear of the things it doesn't agree with, like lactose and wheat, and this is what works the best for me. I try to avoid ANY and all chemicals and processed foods and to eat only home-grown and locally-grown foods. I also do my best to avoid sugars not found in fruits.. but hey, I do LOVE chocolate 😛 I also don't watch TV or have a cell phone, which believe it or not, makes a HUGE impact on keeping me happy as well.

The only other thing I would add that is part of my routine, is that I take salt baths regularity. I have an intense Love affair with both water and salt and together these ease all my woes. I bathe in a mix of Epsom salts (which is great way to get your magnesium), baking soda and essential oils. This is not only great for my skin, along with numerous other health benefits, but for my mental health as well. I mediate in the bath and I program the water to heal and protect my Holy Trinity. (I will do a separate post about this as well with more detailed information.)

So, these are the things I do to keep my sanity and to create a harmonious, happy and healthy life. I find that for me, being balanced and mindful is key. If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them based upon my experiences. And we would Love to hear from YOU about your daily routine for keeping your mind, body and spirit healthy and happy! Please feel free to send us a blog submission or leave a comment below. Thank YOU and may you be blessed, happy and healthy! ♡ Tania

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