Being Naked Outdoors

The natural state of the human being is to be naked... — Alan Watts

I think one of the most wonderful and liberating feelings in the world is being naked outside..
especially in combination with sunshine and water! I don't mean this in any sort of perverse way,
I truly find it to be very healing and grounding with many other benefits as well.

Unfortunately being naked outside isn’t always possible 😛 but one way to achieve this is to have
an outdoor shower, which I highly recommend!


It doesn’t have to be as luxurious as this one.. mine was pretty rustic, it used collected rain water with a solar
top to heat the water. It’s such a wonderful way to start your day and commune with Nature. If you can, try it!

Another added benefit to being naked outside is getting a good dose of Vitamin D. Most of us are deficient in the
amount of D our bodies need. We are naturally meant to be outside more and spend entirely too much time indoors.

Also, being naked more in general might even make us more healthier simply by being physically aware of all aspects
of our body. If we see our body in it’s natural state more often, it might inspire us to take better care of it!

Being barefoot as much as possible is essential too. I find being barefoot to even make me happier in general,
especially outdoors, rooting myself into the Earth with each step keeps me grounded and connected to all that is.


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